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Charlotte Stamped Concrete’s Driveway Choices

When you decide to rebuild your property and install a driveway, you may be curious about your materials and design choices. Concrete and asphalt are two of the most popular driveway pavement choices, each with its upsides.

While you can save a few bucks with asphalt in the short run, concrete offers less maintenance.  Concrete retains the rain and heat better and provides much more design options.

Benefits of choosing concrete for your new driveway: 

Charlotte Stamped Concrete

1. Concrete is long lasting

It is the most commonly used building material in the world. For so many ventures, there are many explanations why it is such a popular choice, and its durability is the chief among them. Properly designed, poured, assembled, and maintained concrete, unlike asphalt, will retain its original quality and shape for decades.

Durability is one of the most important considerations in any outdoor projects like driveways. It’s possible that your driveway will be exposed over the years to heavy vehicles, bicycles, boots, wind, rain, and moss, so you need a high-quality, durable surface. A concrete driveway can last 30-40 years with proper care, whereas asphalt tends to break down after 12-20 years, even with care and resealing.

2. Asphalt needs resealing every two to five years 

Most homeowners choose an asphalt driveway because construction is cheaper.  In addition, they don’t have to wait before you can drive on it. Although concrete is more expensive to install, if you plan to stay in your current home for several years due to lower maintenance costs, it can potentially save you money in the long run.

Asphalt driveways must be swept with a strong hose and a steep broom at least twice a year. In order to maintain their appearance and water resistance, they also require resealing every two to five years. Over time, asphalt can also grow cracks and holes, and these need to be fixed as quickly as possible to stop them from degrading.

All in all, concrete needs much less maintenance than asphalt and in the long run will save you money.

3. Concrete is better suited for rainy weather 

Asphalt paving can not be done in any heavy rain than sometimes light sprinkles.  This is because asphalt is made from a mixture of oils that disperse when exposed to water and rise to the freshly laid asphalt layer, causing craters to form. Even after it is laid, in asphalt surfaces, rain and snow can break into cracks, gradually weakens the material, and deepen the cracks at freezing temperatures.

Asphalt can also melt in very hot weather (which can stain your shoes), and over time, sunlight breaks down and dries the material out, causing rain, moose, and other debris to crack and break down the materials.

Charlotte Stamped Concrete

When exposed to the elements, concrete performs much better, both during installation and over time. Although pouring concrete in an exposed area during a downpour is still not advisable, Water does not destroy concrete in the way asphalt is harmed. Over time, concrete stands up to potential damage, particularly if properly maintained, that could be caused by rain and ultraviolet radiation.

4. Homebuyers prefer a concrete driveway 

While it costs a little more to build concrete, the investment is generally worth it. Not only will you save money over time due to lower maintenance costs, but because of its longevity, minimal maintenance, and aesthetic appeal, a concrete driveway is usually more attractive to potential home buyers.

Through selecting a personalized, decorative model, you will maximize the impact that a concrete driveway has on your property value. A painted, stained, or sand-finished driveway will bring instant curb appeal, giving a great first impression of your home to potential buyers.

5. Design Options

You have plenty of design options with colorful concrete surfaces.  Asphalt has limited color options and is hard to customize due to the methods used in its application (rolling and compressing). Although some degree of color modulation is possible, asphalt appears to be dark in color, hence the blacktop name it gets.

It is much easier to design concrete. It can stain, dye, mark, stamp, etch, score, comb, etc. You can make it your own, in other words. You can choose unique patterns, decorative boundaries, and custom designs. Concrete can also look like other materials like concrete, wood, and rock.  This means that concrete offers the artist the ability to paint their canvas any way they want.  What’s not to like about that?  If you are ready to start your next driveway makeover consider calling on concrete experts like Charlotte Stamped Concrete.